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26 June, Wednesday

The marketing ‘tricks’ in supermarkets and stores

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Excellence of marketing

The purpose of shopper marketing is to turn the store client into a product buyer. In the markets this job is done by category manager, the marketing of products in the market is carried out by commercial marketing manager and merchandisers. For instance, the sold products are placed so that there is compatibility between them i.e. if the buyer buys tea, he/she will also want to buy a sweets to drink tea. The most demanding and definitely bought products as bread, milk, cheese etc. are placed at utmost for people entered market to see more products. In any supermarket, hot colors dominate, smells beautiful, sounds of classical music. This approach allows to create comfort and keep buyer more in space. Prices in deficit and others - each of them is the excellence of marketing art.

On the topic marketing specialist, Rafiq Hunaltay spoke to Eurasia Diary.

According to the expert, there are some products that are placed on the right side of the buyer. On the basis of buyer psychology, people are looking at the right side more. They do not like to bend when they walk in the market. Therefore, the products are sheltered from the shelves at the height of the buyer. The shelves in the markets, as well as the cashbox are more attractive. Because there are some products that we only remember when we see them, "says Rafiq Huntalay.

The main thing the client is educating himself

But sometimes, for example, a litre of milk is packed so that it is 1 liter in order to show a wide range of volumes, but its product is about 800 grams. In addition, it is important to note price of pre-discount and post-discount. However, it is incorrect to raise the price of the product and then make a discount. Today's clients are more educated in comparison with the previous ones. Near the end of the products, campaigns are done. The second one is a gift for whom buy one of the discount products.  But this does not mean that such goods are of poor quality. It can be used fully if it is two months before the expiry date of a product. Also, in the summer, winter clothes are on the sale. Profit on the discounted winter costume in the spring is important for the seller when buying new goods in the winter. In smaller businesses, such as in neighborhood markets, in the regions, the main job is on buyers. Primarily it is to educate the customer himself/herself.  In some cases, the buyer doesn’t look at consumption date of the old goods. Or in our regions fruit juice is sold, but there is no fruit in it. With people take and drink it, they are endangering themselves and their children, "said the expert.

It would be good if people do not use the products, they do not know or recognized few. Well-known companies do not deceive their customers; they do not want to lose their image acquired over the years for goods.  Unfortunately, our people do not read the product they buy, whether it is food or medicine. Any of product sold must be addressed to the first company and then to the place where they are purchased. The store cannot fully control the quality of goods received from a large number of companies. Also, it can be applied to government agencies that protect consumers' rights, "said Rafig Hunting..


Written by Gulnar Salimova

Translated by Ayten Rasulzadeh

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