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26 June, Wednesday

Jurgen Klopp repeats claim that Manchester City are world's best team despite Liverpool's title lead

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Jurgen Klopp says Liverpool must overcome the ‘best team in the world’ in Manchester City as he dismissed the idea his side go into a critical Premier League meeting as favourites.

Klopp did not play down the importance of Thursday’s meeting at the Etihad, which could lead to six point swing. A Liverpool win would extend their lead over the champions to 10 points. City can reduce the gap to four.

But after Guardiola heaped praise on Klopp, the German coach returned the compliment.

“It's a normal game against Manchester City, a very difficult one - one of the most difficult ones you can play in the modern football world,away at City,” said Klopp.

“We felt that plenty of times. It's a really strong football team with an outstanding manager. We have to be prepared as good as possible, we have to be brave, full of desire, angry - all that stuff, like in all the other games. But the opponent, for me, is still the best team in the world. And I don't say that to say it, I said it weeks ago.

"It's 100 per cent my opinion because the way they play, the things they achieved, the ability and all that stuff. Nothing changed. Only the points changed, but not the preparation for the game.”

 Klopp acknowledged Guardiola’s positive appraisal of Liverpool.  “I heard it. He said 'in the moment',” said Klopp.

“Yes, with the record we had in December - I'm not sure if another team had a record like this in December, I don't know - we are in a good moment. And we are a very, very, very good football team as well, so that's why we have the amount of points, that's why we had the results. But we prepare for one game. Would I say they are the best team in the world if nobody would ask me? No. But we talk about it. It sounds like we go there and we are more likely to win the game then they are. It's just not true.

"Only the situation a couple of weeks ago, we were a point behind and if you lose then it's four points - 'Can you close that gap during the season?' It's all only talk, it's nothing to do with the reality. A big part of the football world is talking about it before it happens. But we are there to let it happen. That's the difference. We are very excited because it's a very interesting, difficult, game we have to play. Apart from that, it's a normal situation.”

 Liverpool title challenges have been rare over the last 29 years. Klopp sense the excitement around the club has not caused any loss of focus at the hard work ahead.

“I'm not out there a lot, so I don't know if the people are running through the streets like this (with their arms up) constantly,” he said.

“When I pass people on the streets, it doesn't look like that - normal life. People like how the boys perform, how the boys are playing, people love the results. That's all clear. But I think it's a lack of respect to think that our fans want to celebrate now already, like this 'We will do it, we will do it'.

"We really create an atmosphere where the people like the steps we make, they like being part of these steps. That's what we are in the moment. We are not the group we were 10 or 15 years ago - or even 20 years ago. We are not. It's different. The world changed out there, the football world changed, there are different opponents now, different challenges.

"We are in a really good position in that group of challenges. That's it. That was the first achievement. The people are now really happy that it looks like the season so far is already special. If they are smart - and they are smart - then they will enjoy it until the last matchday. Then we will see what it brought. 

“I see the players attitude and the right mood and all that stuff in the games and training sessions. As long as we mix up our potential with attitude there will be quality. 

“That’s what we showed so far and that’s what we have to do again. I think we got finally rid of the back pack when we reached the Champions League final. We didn’t win it, yes. But not twenty teams in the last reached the champions league final. So that was the moment when we did, the boys did, something really special, yes we didn’t win it, but the ride there was unbelievable, the journey was unbelievable, so since then it feels different. That’s true.”



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