Marc Marquez admits “risk” of “exposing fears and doubts to rivals” - VIDEO -

2 April,

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Marc Marquez admits “risk” of “exposing fears and doubts to rivals” - VIDEO

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Marc Marquez is worried that his new documentary could reveal weaknesses to his MotoGP rivals.
‘Marc Marquez: ALL IN’ will be released on Amazon Prime in advance of the 2023 season, and will document the Repsol Honda rider’s injury nightmare and his gruelling comeback.
There are moments of tenderness, during which he fears his career might be over, and now believes that footage could be a disadvantage as battle on the asphalt resumes.

"By opening up so much in a documentary you run a certain risk as an active rider,” Marquez told GQ. 
“Because you expose all your fears and your doubts to the rivals. 
“But in the end it is the most transparent way to show people how an athlete really lives, and not just the moments of satisfaction. 
“You can see how an athlete who had had an idyllic career up to that point is in a difficult moment and with retirement going through his head for a whole year.
"The first idea when I agreed to shoot the documentary was to tell the story of the return to the top. 
"I already knew I would have difficulties, I sensed that I would suffer limitations, but my goal was to fight again for the championship.”
Marquez underwent a fourth major arm surgery in mid-2022 which threatened his career, but he somehow made it back to end the year favourably.

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