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22 July, Monday

Students vote to pay compensation over selling of slaves

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Students at Georgetown University in Washington DC have voted to raise tuition fees and fund reparations for the descendants of slaves.

In 1838, the university sold off 272 slaves that it owned to pay off its debts.

The vote was part of a non-binding referendum, which saw 66% of students voting in favour.

If the idea were to go ahead each student would pay €24 euros every semester.

The money would go towards projects in underprivileged communities where some of the descendants live such as in Maringouin, Louisiana.

One student, who is a descendant of the slaves, said it was "a moral issue".

"I try to look at things from a very like, third-party perspective and like looking down on this like how can you not vote yes? It's like... like I just don't. Morally it doesn't make any sense not to," Charles Ethan Clark said.

But other students said the university, not the students, should pay.

"I think that the university is the one who made this mistake several years ago and I think that the university is responsible for paying these reparations," Flo Martínez said.


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