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22 May, Wednesday

Abkhazia Offers Support to Venezuelan Government

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The Foreign Minister of the self-proclaimed republic of Abkhazia, Daur Kove, today expressed his support for the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro during the 5th International Economic Forum in Yalta.
With regard to the situation in Venezuela, the president of Abkhazia has already pronounced himself on the matter. We support the government of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, a person who was legally elected by his people as head of state of that country, Kove told Prensa Latina.

The current situation shows that the West's attempts to forcefully overthrow the Venezuelan president failed, despite all the efforts made in that direction, said the minister, after participating in negotiations with the Russian side in the forum.

For the head of Foreign Affairs, the Venezuelan people demonstrated, once again, that unity and solidarity allow to overcome all obstacles in the way of the construction of a democratic state.

We reiterate that we maintain our support for the policy implemented by Maduro for the development of its people, said the official, who traveled to this peninsula with coasts in the Black Sea as part of a high-level delegation from that region.

'Between Russia and Abkhazia very good business relations are established. We cooperate in almost all spheres, while expanding and reinforcing the legal basis of our links, Kove underlined, commenting on the state of commercial ties between both parties. For this, we have signed more than 130 interstate agreements,' said the Foreign Minister.

He also clarified that Abkhazia has always been under sanctions since 2003, which is why we are accustomed, he said, to economic sanctions.

The Yalta International Economic Forum had a parallel program of young diplomats, businessmen and journalists, a debate on fake news in the press and exhibitions on Crimean achievements since 2014, among other events.

With the participation of some 4,500 delegates from more than 80 countries, including Latin America, the forum served as a center for establishing business contacts, despite the sanctions imposed on Crimea by the West, after its return to Russian jurisdiction, five years ago.

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