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9 July, Thursday

Russian S-400 missile systems protect Iranian aircraft from Israeli airstrikes

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Over the past few weeks, Israel isn’t able to openly attack Iranian military transport aircraft, which are actively deploying certain weapons to Syria, reports according opinions of several military experts, reports citing Bulgarianmilitary.

According to them the main reason is the fact that Iranian military transport aircraft land at the Russian military Khmeimim air base and being protected by S-400 missile systems. “Any provocation from Tel Aviv will be immediately stopped. Any attempt to strike at a Russian military airfield will result in a return strike on any Israeli military base” experts said.

According to open monitoring resources, after Iranian military aircraft landed at the Russian military airbase twice during the week, Israel never dared to strike at the Iranian military.

Any reckless action of Tel Aviv can result in a very serious conflict with Russia, including a tactical missile strike, on the territory of Israel, in the event of an Israeli military aircraft attacking the military airfield of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Latakia.

“Israel is aware that any provocation against Russia can result in very big problems. In fact, Russia will not conduct any dialogue with Israel, and any threat to the Russian military will be immediately eliminated – there are enough weapons at the Khmeimim air base to strike or downed dozens of Israeli military aircraft if Tel Aviv suddenly thinks about its impunity ” notes specialist.

However, analysts argue that Israel is unlikely to stop its strikes to Iranian targets in Syria and probably will continue its aggression against Iran and Syria. recalls that several Israeli attacks on Iranian targets were conducted at April and begining of May this year.

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