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11 July, Saturday

Heavily armed Russian Ka-29 helicopters are preparing for Arctic operations - VIDEO

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 In the Arctic, the squadrons of “sea hunters” are involved – modernized Ka-29 helicopters. The first to use these unique combat vehicles were the Pacific Fleet pilots from Kamchatka, EDNews.net reports citing Bulgarian Military News.

Starting this year, the Ka-29 is being prepared for operations in the Arctic: in 2021, helicopter pilots from the Northern Fleet will start working there. Machines will be used to supply military bases, transfer troops and patrol the polar region.

Ka-29, according to experts, are universal, they not only have powerful weapons, but can also take on board several tons of cargo.

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As sources in the military department told Izvestia, a fundamental decision on the use of the Ka-29 in the Arctic region has already been made. Until recently, Mi-8AMTSh helicopters (including a special “Arctic” version), Mi-26, and sometimes deck-based Ka-27s were mainly used here.

“Sea hunters”, who are to defend the Arctic, are part of the 317th mixed aviation regiment, based near Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. In total, he is armed with two detachments of four vehicles each. Following Kamchatka, the first updated Ka-29s strengthened the aviation units of the Northern Fleet.

The upgraded aircraft became part of the 830th separate naval anti-submarine helicopter regiment, which is based near the city of Severomorsk on the Kola Peninsula.

The Ka-29 helicopter was mass-produced in the 1980s, but it is still not outdated, military expert Dmitry Boltenkov noted.

“Kamovs can operate both from land and from the side of the ship,” he told Izvestia. “After modernization, the machine will be in demand for a long time, thanks to its firepower, carrying capacity and unique landing capabilities. In the Arctic, Ka-29s can patrol uninhabited Arctic territories, take part in anti-sabotage and rescue operations, and also engage in supplying remote northern garrisons and military bases.”

Now the Ka-29 crews are actively mastering the technology. In June, exercises were held in Kamchatka, in which Pacific fleet helicopters took part: pilots attacked coastal and surface targets of a conditional enemy.

In particular, they destroyed targets denoting fortified firing points, military equipment and personnel of the landing. Shooting was carried out by 80-mm unguided aircraft missiles and GS-23 aircraft guns. And most recently, North Sea pilots, in difficult meteorological conditions, worked out landing support and checked the navigational training of navigators when performing tasks in the Far North.

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