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12 August, Wednesday

'Netanyahu resign' - Protesters in Jerusalem call for PM's removal

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Thousands of Israelis have protested in front of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's residence in Jerusalem, demanding his resignation as the government comes under fire over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic, EDNews.net reports citing Aljazeera.

Some placards carried by demonstrators on Tuesday read "Netanyahu's corruption makes us sick" and "Netanyahu, resign".

"The most deadly virus is not COVID-19, but corruption," protester Laurent Cige, who came from Tel Aviv to take part, told AFP news agency.

Netanyahu was indicted in January for bribery, fraud and breach of trust in three cases.

In May, he forged a new unity government after more than a year of political turmoil and insisted the charges were trumped up to drive him from office.

The next trial date at Jerusalem district court is set for July 19.

Under Israeli law, a sitting prime minister is only required to resign if convicted of a criminal offence with all appeals exhausted, which in Netanyahu's case, could take several years.

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