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1 October, Thursday

Turkey-Azerbaijan drills sign of courage, defense power'

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Recent large-scale military drills between Turkey and Azerbaijan demonstrated the power, courage, and defense capabilities of their armed forces, according to an Azerbaijani lawmaker, EDNews.net reports citing Anadolu Agency.
"Military partnership constitutes an important vector of the Azerbaijan-Turkey strategic cooperation," Sevil Mikayilova, an Azerbaijani parliamentarian, told Anadolu Agency in an exclusive interview in the wake of recent Armenian attacks on Azerbaijani border points.
Calling the 13-day joint military exercises – which ended on Monday – a "source of pride" for both nations, Mikayilova said the drills, which included the air and ground forces, were not the first of their kind, as the two countries have been holding such exercises on a regular basis since 2015, sometimes along with neighboring Georgia.
The cooperation between Azerbaijan and Turkey is not directed against any other country or group, she stressed, calling them cooperation "for the sake of peace and partnership" springing from the two states’ historical and cultural roots and ethnic identity.

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