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20 April, Tuesday

Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber with a series of strikes in Idlib, Syria

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A Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber has launched a series of airstrikes on jihadist positions in Idlib, Eurasia Diary reports citing Bulgarian Miitary News. 

According to Russian sources, the attack took place in Al-Bara, Idlib, and Russian planes subjected the headquarters of a Turkish-backed jihadist group to heavy strikes. There is currently no information on the damage and casualties.
Aviapro is distributing a photo that it claims was taken shortly after the Russian Su-34s flew over. The information from the field sources differs – some argue that the strike was inflicted by a pair of fighters (probably MiG-29 or Su-30 – ed.), others that the strike was inflicted by only one Su-34 fighter.

A source at in the Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed that Russian intelligence has seen an intensification and intensified military training of jihadist units in the Al-Bara area in recent weeks. Today’s Russian airstrikes may be considered a preventive measure against a future escalation of tensions in the region.

Russia transferred some more fighter jets to its Khmeimim base

Russia has transferred a new batch of Russian fighters to its Khmeimim base in Syria. According to Russian media, the transfer took place on February 19th, citing a source from Russia’s Defense Ministry. However, it is still unclear what type of fighter models had transferred to the Russian base in the Arab Republic.

Military analysts have commented on Russia’s actions as a clear signal to Israel and Turkey. A few days ago, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said Moscow was ready to counter “Israeli aggression.” The Russians did not report Turkey as another country against which Russia will oppose. Still, since the beginning of the year, the Turkish army has been carrying out “unwanted military bombings” in areas where Russian troops have increased presence.

Alexander Lavrentyev, a special envoy of Russian President Vladimir Putin in Syria, said that “the glass of Russian patience will overflow at any moment.” He said Russia and Syria would retaliate if Syrian forces continued to attack territories in central Syria, justifying themselves with an “Iranian presence.” Lavrentyev also noted that “Israeli attacks” would be stopped.

The Russian diplomat’s statement shows that Russia intends to take over the air defense of the Arab Republic’s airspace in the coming months. Moscow’s actions show that the Russians have no intention of other countries to decide Syria’s fate without Russia’s involvement.


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