US attempts to blame Russia for current visa situation bewildering - Russian Envoy -

22 January, Saturday

US attempts to blame Russia for current visa situation bewildering - Russian Envoy

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The United States’ attempts to pin blame on Russia for the current state of affairs with the work of diplomatic missions and visas are bewildering, Russian Ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov said on Monday evening responding to questions from reporters, Eurasia Diary reports citing Tass News.

"We act strictly in accordance with the rules of the host country. We send documents to the [US] Department of State in advance, strictly within the established deadlines. However, there is no response," he said.

The ambassador noted that about 60 staff members of the diplomatic mission were awaiting a decision on visa requests from the US. "Over 30 other new employees have been denied the opportunity to enter the country since visas have not been issued to them at the US Embassy in Moscow. Moreover, valid entry permits are canceled as well," he said.

"In a bid to deal an additional blow to the Russian diplomatic presence, in December 2020, the US unilaterally imposed a three-year limit on Russian diplomats’ stay in that country and strongly recommended that 24 of our colleagues leave the United States by September 3, 2021, thereby making it clear that the Americans have no intention of extending their papers. Additionally, we have been told on numerous occasions that driving licenses and tax exemptions will cease to be valid after the Russian diplomats’ accreditation expires in three years’ time," he explained.

"That is why our partners’ attempts to pin the blame for everything on us, while showing themselves only in a good light, are just bewildering," the diplomat emphasized.

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