Russia offered cooperation with CSTO on Afghanistan, but NATO showed no interest -

4 December, Saturday

Russia offered cooperation with CSTO on Afghanistan, but NATO showed no interest

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The Taliban* completed their take over of Kabul on Sunday, the speed of which caught Washington by surprise as images have gone viral of a chaotic American evacuation invoking memories of Saigon, Eurasia Diary reports citing Sputnik. 

Russia earlier suggested to NATO that an algorithm be created for interaction on Afghanistan in case of evacuation in crisis situations, but the alliance showed no interest, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko told Sputnik.

We suggested to NATO members creating an algorithm for interaction in rescue, assistance, evacuation in crisis situations. There was no interest, just as in proposals to establish dialogue and interaction between NATO and the Collective Security Treaty Organization on Afghan affairs," Grushko said.

The developments in Afghanistan amid the withdrawal of US and NATO troops are a natural result, the diplomat added.

"A natural result. Yugoslavia, Libya, now Afghanistan. Could expectations have been different? ...A trillion spent in vain," Grushko said.

On Monday, the Russian Ambassador in Kabul said that there are prospects for representatives of various political forces of the country to enter the future government of Afghanistan.

US President Joe Biden said Monday that the political leaders of Afghanistan failed to negotiate for the future of their country. He added that US troops in Afghanistan should not fight in a war in which the Afghans themselves are not willing to fight.

Ashraf Ghani stepped down and fled the country on Sunday, after the Islamists completed their takeover by entering the Afghan capital. The Taliban said that its leadership is discussing a new cabinet in Doha and remains in contact with the international community and political forces in Afghanistan.


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