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29 November, Monday

Raeisi discusses Afghanistan with Xi, Putin

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 Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi held separate phone conversations with his Russian and Chinese counterparts on Wednesday.

According to Mehr news, in his conversation, Raeizi discussed the many important issues with Vladimir Putin and Xi Jiping, such as the bilateral and regional relations, the joint cooperation in the international organizations, the struggle with the outbreak of coronavirus and the production of vaccines and nuclear activities. 

Ebrahim Raeisi also touched upon the current situation in Afghanistan. He stressed the importance of protecting security and peace in Afghanistan in his talks with leaders of Russia and China. 

In discussions on the developments in Afghanistan with Putin, Raeisi said that the establishment of security and peace in Afghanistan has always been emphasised by the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

"All active Afghan groups should work together to establish stability in the country as soon as possible, and turn the US withdrawal a turning point for lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan," Raiesi said. 

Expressing readiness for any cooperation for the establishment of peace and security in Afghanistan, Raisi said, "The successful experience of Iran-Russia cooperation in the fight against takfiri terrorism in Syria has opened new windows for the two sides to increase Tehran-Moscow interaction"

As for his talks with Xi Jiping about Afghanistan, Tehran is ready to help Beijing for establishing peace and stability in Afghanistan. 

“We believe that withdrawal of foreigners and also past experiences of this country have made it clear that participation of all Afghan groups is necessary for guaranteeing Afghanistan’s development and security,” he said. 

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