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27 January, Thursday

UN Secretary-General urges to stop conflicts, focus on anti-coronavirus efforts

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The global community should unite in the face of new challenges, as it is important to jointly tackle the novel coronavirus pandemic, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Tuesday, opening the 76th session of the UN General Assembly, APA reports

"We are reuniting during the period marked with huge challenges and division, conflicts and climate change, increased poverty and inequality," Guterres said in French. "The pandemic continues to threaten lives, living conditions and the future. Those challenges are made worse by the split that threatens our world, the split between the rich and the poor."

In his words, some people take essentials - such as food, water supply and medical services - for granted, while for others they remain just a dream. Moreover, the Secretary-General noted inequality in the distribution of vaccines against the novel coronavirus.

"These challenges and divisions are not a force of nature. They are man-made. By economic systems stacked against the poorest and most vulnerable," Guterres continued in English. "But these challenges and divisions can also be corrected. If we come together, now, as a human family. If we unite behind our work here in this Chamber and gather around the spirit of multilateralism that brings it to life."

He called upon the countries to step up their vaccination campaigns and efforts aimed at mitigating the climate change.

"The wars on each other need to end, too. It’s time to focus on fighting humanity’s common enemy: the pandemic," the UN chief added.

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