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27 November, Saturday

Kars Treaty - basis for current regional relations - Turkish envoy

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The Treaty of Kars, signed a hundred years ago, is the basis for current relations in the region, Turkish Ambassador to Georgia Fatma Ceren Yazgan said in an interview with a local TV, Report informs.

According to her, the document proves the possibility of establishing good, modern, and civil relations between the countries and peoples of the region: “The signing of the Treaty of Kars also shows that diplomats and representatives of the Caucasus states can come together for discussions after numerous wars. With the liberation of Azerbaijani territories from Armenian occupation after the Second Karabakh War, there is talk of opening communications and new opportunities for bilateral relations. It is possible to discuss these opportunities. We have held such discussions before. Our ancestors did it successfully.”

The diplomat noted that the Treaty of Kars had been referred to for 70 years.

“On the 30th anniversary of relations between Turkey and Georgia, relations between our countries are based on respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the Turkish envoy added.

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