NATO appoints Turkish academic to key position -

25 January, Tuesday

NATO appoints Turkish academic to key position

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A Turkish academic has been appointed to a top position at NATO, becoming the first woman and youngest scientist ever to hold such a position.
Professor Melike Nikbay, a mechanical and aerospace engineer from the Istanbul Technical University, has been appointed as the head of the NATO Mechanical Systems, Structures and Materials Technical Committee.
She is the first woman, a Turkish national and youngest scientist to hold this position at the alliance in which Turkey plays a key role.
The committee consists of academics, industry representatives, researchers, experts from the armed forces and administrators representing NATO member states.
“It is an honor and a pleasure to take a role in a managerial position,” Nikbay said, noting that the unit she is responsible for was carrying out several support projects.
“We aim to increase the projects originating from Turkey a little more as these projects are important for the defense industry,” the academic added.

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