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2 April,

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IAEA: War in Ukraine increases nuclear risk

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“Since the first days of the war, a year ago, IAEA was in Ukraine. We established a permanent mission in Zaporizhzhia, as you know Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station is located in the occupied area which complicated the situation and created a dangerous situation,” said IAEA Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi told, Ednews reports.
“Our mission carried out monitoring in the area of active fighting. Combats around nuclear stations made the situation dangerous. We immediately established a mission there and this mission collects data, as well as assists the personnel there. I believe that it is a very important contribution. We think that a special protection zone should be established in those areas. Because the war increases nuclear risk and in order to decrease the risk maximum steps should be taken. I have been negotiating with both the Russian and Ukrainian sides for the creation of this protection zone for several months now. Hope that progress will be achieved in this field soon. I want to stress that In addition to Zaporizhzhia, we sent a mission consisting of AEBA experts to all nuclear power plants in other parts of Ukraine. In other words, Zaporizhzhia is not the only object where we have a mission. Because it is a sensitive place, there are occupied territories," he said.

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