Simonyan threatened the Georgians: Tbilisi will be hit -

26 March,

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Simonyan threatened the Georgians: Tbilisi will be hit

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Protesters in Tbilisi shout "Sokhumi, Sokhumi". In fact, it was clear in advance that all this noise was only necessary for us to open a second front.
Ednews reports that Margarita Simonyan, editor-in-chief of the "Rossiya Segodnya" media group and RT channel, said this regarding the events in Georgia.
"There are no Kremlinologists left in the West and there is no one to tell them that if August 2008 is repeated, no one will worry about Georgia and no one will send troops there. Simply put, direct strikes will be made on Tbilisi without any choice. Because now is not the time for sentimentality, there is no Kyiv-Pechersk monastery in Tbilisi, no one has ever considered us to be the same people as Georgians. There has never been a "Tbilisi Russian" in the Russian Federation. We would feel sorry for the beautiful city and its temperamental inhabitants, but they do not feel sorry for themselves," said Simonyan.

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