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10 June, Saturday

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Rayment: Britain is running out of special forces

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Britain does not have enough elite troops to deal with foreign threats.
Ednews reports that Sean Rayment, the writer of "Daily Mail", said this.
"The Special Airborne and Aviation Service, the Special Boat Service and the Special Reconnaissance Regiment, which are part of the main divisions of the British Special Forces, are only 65-70 per cent complete.
Commanders fear that the Special Airborne and Aviation Service will not be able to participate in upcoming covert operations. At the same time, the government receives complaints about the reduction of the number of special forces, which are important for the security of the nation. Former British military intelligence officer Lt. Col. Philip Ingram said that special forces are vital to the country's security. Therefore, the fact of their lack of personnel should cause great concern," the information says.

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