Chancellor Olaf Scholz addresses Global Solutions Summit -

29 May, Monday

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Chancellor Olaf Scholz addresses Global Solutions Summit

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The German chancellor said the West must focus on establishing relations on equal terms with the developing world. The event aims to implement research-based policies for the G20, G7 and beyond.
EDnews informs via DW that Olaf Scholz addressed delegates at the Global Solutions forum on Monday, with this year's summit particularly focusing on inclusivity and sustainability. 
The German Chancellor acknowledged that some countries, such as India, Vietnam, and South Africa, was concerned about Western double standards on Russia.
"When I talk to leaders from those countries, many assure me that they are not questioning the underlying principles of our international order. What they are struggling with is the unequal application of those principles," he said.
"What they expect is representation on equal terms, and an end to Western double standards."
Scholz said the assertions should be addressed, even if he doesn’t always think they’re justified.
"If countries get the impressions that we only approach them because we are intereseted in raw materials or because we want their support on a UN resolution it should not surprise us that their willingness to cooperate is limited at best," he said.
He said he should focus on what the West can offer countries in Africa, Asia and Americas and where all their interests converge. 
Scholz said he would invite leaders to Germany in November to join the G20. 


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