Lake Maggiore boat accident: Questions remain over spy deaths

The story of a boat that sank on Lake Maggiore on 28 May has elements of a spy novel.
Ednews informs via BBC that four people tragically drowned on the picturesque and popular lake south of the Swiss Alps.
One was a former agent from Israel's spy agency Mossad, two were Italian intelligence officers and the fourth victim was a Russian woman.
They were among 23 people aboard the small boat that set out to cruise the lake.
It is no doubt a traumatic event for the survivors and for the families who lost loved ones - but a number of facts about the case have prompted speculation about what exactly happened.
Lake Maggiore and its shoreline are divided between the Italian regions of Lombardy and Piedmont, and the Swiss canton of Ticino.
Several companies that produce technology capable of both military and civilian use are located in Lombardy - and Switzerland is considered a transit country for many intelligence members.
And some of the people on the boat, of both nationalities, had apartments and houses there.
The newspaper il Corriere della Sera reports that the area guarantees the governments of Italy and Israel a certain freedom of movement.
While some reports say the boat ride was an innocent pleasure trip, several major Italian news outlets are reporting that it was a secret work meeting between Italian and Israeli agents.