Blinken visits Saudi Arabia to work on strained ties

Washington and Riyadh have had several disagreements in the past on topics such as Iran, regional security and oil prices. This visit is Blinken's first since the kingdom restored diplomatic ties with Iran.
Ednews informs via DW that US Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrived in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday with the aim to repair and stabilize the strained relationship between Washington and Riyadh.
Over the years, disagreements on various issues, including Iran, regional security, and oil prices, have deepened the divide between the two nations.
During his visit, Blinken met with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, also known as MbS, and the discussions primarily focused on enhancing economic cooperation, particularly in clean energy and technology sectors, according to a statement from the State Department.
Apart from meeting with the Crown Prince, Blinken had scheduled meetings with other high-ranking Saudi officials in Riyadh, the capital, and Jeddah, a coastal city.
This visit follows a recent high-level visit by White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, who traveled to Saudi Arabia on May 7.
Riyadh has plans to further reduce oil production which is a point of contention with Washington. The US has also expressed concerns over the kingdom's human rights record and disagreements on US policy towards Iran.
The visit is Blinken's first since the kingdom restored diplomatic ties with Iran. The US offered cautious support for the deal that was sealed in China, the rising power making inroads in the Middle East.