The response of the US and Britain to Iran's Fattah

Countering Iran's destructive actions has become important.
Ednews reports that John Kirby, the coordinator for strategic relations of the White House's National Security Council, said these words in a statement.
In response to the claims of the IRGC that it has produced a hypersonic missile, it was stated in the statement that Iran's actions in the region are being fought against:
"Since its inception, the Biden administration has been very transparent, precise and decisive against Iran's destabilizing activities in the region, especially the development of this country's advanced ballistic missile program. I will not discuss the details of the alleged hypersonic missile news. "We have applied our sanctions very clearly and are effectively dealing with Iran's activities in the region, including its ballistic missile program," Kirby said.
The spokesman of the British Foreign Ministry also made a statement on the issue, calling the Iranian government and its missile program a threat to the world:
"Iran has announced that it has produced a new ballistic missile, despite repeated requests from the UN Security Council to suspend its missile program. This shows Iran's continued disregard for international principles and that this government seriously threatens international security," the British Foreign Ministry said in a statement.
It should be noted that Iran has announced that it has tested the first hypersonic missile called "Fattah".