Blinken warns war against ISIS is not over

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said the war against ISIS is not over, during his visit to Saudi Arabia, Ednews reports citing the National News.
“Extremists are attempting to seize opportunities to launch attacks again,” Mr Blinken said in Riyadh on Thursday, following a meeting of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS.
“We must stay committed to our goals to ensuring stability in countries targeted by ISIS."
Regional and world leaders gathered on Thursday in Saudi Arabia, to discuss ways to confront ISIS activities across the world.
He said the safe return of foreign ISIS fighters stranded in Iraq and Syria to their homelands must be ensured.
“This is a priority to reduce numbers in displacement camps across the region,” he said on the final day of the visit to the kingdom.
Mr Blinken warned that ISIS fighters and their families staying in displacement camps across the region could lead to the group's resurgence.
He called on the dismantling of Al Hol refugee camp, one of the biggest in Syria. The site holds more than 50,000 people.
Mr Blinken said Washington was committed “to defeating ISIS and getting rid of the scourge of terrorism”.
He called on the international community to shore up efforts to combat terrorism in Afghanistan and Africa.
“We are monitoring the emergence of ISIS's attempts to restart its activities in Afghanistan," he said.