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19 February, Tuesday

“Barça brings people together” - Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus - VIDEO

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The winner of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize Muhammad Yunus visited FC Barcelona on Tuesday during his stay in the city as part of the Barcelona Social Business City, an initiative that he himself has put together that focuses on reducing social problems via the promotion of the tertiary sector and business. The project last season was backed by the FC Barcelona Foundation.
FC Barcelona vice president Jordi Cardoner and Club director Dídac Lee welcomed Yunus to Camp Nou along with FC Barcelona Foundation patron Ramon Garriga, congratulating the Bangladeshi as they did so for his work with the socially excluded and young people.
“It’s an honour to have Professor Yunus here, a person who has done so much for humanity and who is so sensitive to society’s needs. The interest he has shown in a Club like ours is a source of great pride and it is very important for a Nobel Prize winner to recognise the importance of ‘more than a club,” Jordi Cardoner said.
Muhammad Yunus mentioned that everyone in Bangladesh is a Barça fan. He stressed that Bangladeshi people know all about the Club and the players. 
“Sport is a dream for them, especially for young people. Barça brings people together and that strength can bring good things for others, as they say ‘more than a club’ and that has an unstoppable potential,” added Nobel Peace Laureate. 
Meanwhile, Professor Muhammad Yunus received the Nobel Prize in 2006 for his contribution to helping to give access to poorer people in Bangladesh to financing via the Grameen Bank and the system of microcredits. In 2009 he published his work ‘Creating a World without Poverty’ and he promotes the concept of social business as a tool for the good of society. According to ‘Forbes’ magazine, he is one of the 10 most influential people in the world.

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