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24 April, Wednesday

All countries should take joint action to solve the migrant crisis - Moroccan ambassador - PHOTOS

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On October 17, Moroccan ambassador to Azerbaijan Mohammed Adil Embarch told Eurasia Diary it is important for the all countries to take joint action to solve the migrant crisis in the world, as he met with the President of the International Eurasia Press Fund (IEPF) Umud Mirzayev. 
The ambassador said that Morocco is located at the strategic crossroad among Europe, Africa and Muslim World and it is one of the Muslim countries that is closer to the Western Europe. For that reason Morocco faces double trouble in migrant flows. 
On the one hand Moroccan government should adjust refugee crisis flowing through the country, but on the other hand it should struggle against criminals who use this issue for their “benefits”, Adil Embarsh added. 
He also stated that previously Moroccan people have been immigrating to Europe, as well. As a result of the economic growth in the Kingdom not only local people, but also refugees coming from outside prefer to stay there. It is a big problem for Morocco to deal with. 
“No any single country can solve this problem on its own, and it is impossible to prevent refugee crisis by building the border walls or deporting them back to their home country. No one wants to be a refugee,” ambassador said. 
In an interview with Eurasia Diary, he also commented on a couple of questions related to the mutual relations between Azerbaijan and the Kingdom of Morocco. 
According to him, both countries enjoy friendly and complementary relations. There are specific ties between the two countries. The historical roots of relations between Azerbaijan and Morocco started in the 7th Islamic Summit in Casablanca, Morocco where former President Haydar Aliyev and former King Hasan II met in 1994. 
Today this relationship continues on the basis of mutual trust and cooperation. It is not coincidence that Moroccan King Mohammad VI and the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev made the fruitful discussions many times. As a result today there are not only political or economic, but also cultural ties between Azerbaijan and Morocco. 
Adil Embarsh mentioned that there are a lot of similarities between the two nations. They both respect people with different beliefs, cultures, and various ethnic minorities live in peace in Morocco and Azerbaijan. Islam religion is also a special factor that unites Azerbaijani and Moroccan people.
Hashim Mammadov and Zakir Gasimov

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