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26 September, Saturday

Russian nuclear plants break electricity generation record in 2019 - Rosatom

Rosenergoatom said that it was made more than 208.784 billion kilowatt hours.

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Electricity generation at Russian nuclear power plants in 2019 reached a record-breaking figure of more than 208.7 billion kWh, Rosenergoatom, a division of Russia’s state nuclear corporation Rosatom, said on Wednesday, Eurasia Diary reports citing TASS.

"In 2019, Russian nuclear power plants (branches of the Rosenergoatom concern) reached a new electricity generation record of more than 208.784 billion kilowatt hours, having beaten the 2018 record of 204.275 kWh by more than 4.5 billion kWh," it said.

Thus, electricity generation at Russian nuclear plants in 2019 went up by 2.2% on 2018.

According to Rosenergoatom, among the leaders in terms of electricity generation in 2019 were Rostovskaya NPP (more than 33.8 billion kWh), Kalininskaya NPP (more than 31 billion kWh), and Balakovskaya NPP (about 30 billion kWh).

Currently, nuclear plans account for 19% of Russia’s aggregate electricity generation. In Europe, this figure is 40%

Rosenergoatom incorporates all the ten nuclear power plants in Russia, which enjoy the status of the company’s branches, and companies that ensure the operation of the generating unit. Russia’s nuclear plants have a total of 36 power units with an aggregate capacity of 30.25 gigawatt.

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