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8 March, Monday

Azerbaijan’s electricity production hit 25.8bn kWh in 2020

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Azerbaijan’s electricity production amounted to 25.8 billion kWh during the period of January-December 2020, Energy Ministry has reported.
During this period, exports of electricity amounted to 1.1 billion kWh, while imports to 136.3 million kWh, Eurasia Diary reports citing Azernews.
It should be noted that electricity production amounted to 26 billion kWh, exports to 1.4 billion kWh and imports to 136.9 million kWh during the 2019.
During 2020, electricity generation at thermal power plants amounted to 24.3 billion kWh, at hydroelectric power plants to 1 billion kWh and at other sources to 343.5 million kWh.
Moreover, wind power plants produced 96.1 million kWh of electricity, solar power plants 46.9 million kWh and solid household waste incineration plants 200.6 million kWh.
Furthermore, the electricity production during the last year, amounted to 23 billion kWh on Azerenergy OJSC (including 22.1 billion kWh at thermal power plants and 891.3 million kWh at hydroelectric power plants), 429.7 million kWh at the State Energy Agency of Nakhchivan AR (including 230.8 million kWh at thermal power plants, 157.8 million kWh at hydroelectric power plants and 41.1 million kWh at solar power plants) and 2.2 billion kWh on independent power plants. In addition, electricity production at wind power plants on Azerishig OJSC amounted to 75.1 million kWh.
Additionally, country’s electricity production in December 2020, amounted to 2.3 billion kWh, exports to 157.5 million kWh and imports to 10.7 million kWh.

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