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18 April,

Medical Director explains why we need integral approach in medicine

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Stefan Brunnhuber, Medical Director, Diakonie Hospital, Germany; World Academy Art and Science (WAAS) Trustee thinks that an integral approach in medicine is the most effective way to promote health and well-being. reports that he said in the webinar of WAAS today.

Brunnhuber considers that western medicine is powerful in dealing with acute illness provides, provides poor evidence for human welfare and wellbeing in chronic and stress associated clinical conditions.

He stated that 50 percent of Western empirical medicine published so the real evidence for Western medicine is very poor.

“The source for that Western medicine is based on reductionist and materialistic approach.”

The medical doctor thinks that conventional medicine is extremely acute and intensive care on using on labs, surgery. It is very poor on chronic stress associated conditions in which mortality is so high than infective illnesses.

“The solution is honoring the achievement of western medicine, but transcending them towards a more integral approach.”

Brunnhuber stated that we are dealing with the inner and outer parts of humans with an integral approach.

“First time in human medical history, we can witness and access the wisdom, the knowledge, skills, and experiences of all medical systems on this planet,” the medical director explained the strategy.

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