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17 January,

"We were ill-prepared for war" - Pashinyan

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Armenian Prime Minister, Nikol Pahinyan confessed that Armenia was not fully prepared for the war, Eurasia Diary reports citing Armenian Media.

“We did prepare for war as much as possible. But it turns out that we were ill-prepared,” Pashinyan wrote, adding that the July fighting along Armenia’s Tavush border with Azerbaijan proved that the Armenian military could hold its own against Azerbaijan.

He argued that Turkish intervention, and claimed that there were the foreign mercenaries fighting against the Armenian military.

Turning to diplomatic efforts to prevent the recent war, Pashinyan first described his version of the 2011 Kazan accords, saying that Armenia, at the time, was ready to hand over the seven “liberated” territories for an interim status of Nagorno Karabakh proper, but that Baku balked at the proposal and made new demands.

He said that since 2018, when he was elected prime minister, the Karabakh issue had reached a dead-end – handing over the seven regions, without any final status on Nagorno Karabakh, or war.

Pashinyan failed to substantiate how he was certain that the public would have rejected a land for peace deal.

Concluding, Pashinyan said the priority today is the issue of Armenian POWs and those who’ve gone missing.

Pashinyan called for unity and an end to internal partisan fighting.

“Who is guilty of what and what the level of accountability for each case will be clarified. Now, we need to focus on solving the problem together, not fighting each other. I am convinced of this,” Pashinyan wrote.

Peace agrrement between Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia has been signed on 10 November after 44 days war.



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