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28 February, Friday

The next mega disasters that could happen at any moment - and kill us all - VIDEO

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As wildfires so hot that images can be seen from space ravage Australia — creating toxic smoke that clogs the country’s major cities, killing over 25 people, burning 18 million acres and slaughtering up to a billion animals — many around the globe are wondering what catastrophe is next?
Due to climate change, human activity and other factors, “natural” disasters are becoming more common. But some could be worse than others …
The eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano
Yellowstone National Park quietly sits on top of a supervolcano that is 44 miles wide. Even scarier, it’s still active and could blow at any time. Its last big eruption was 630,000 years ago, but as “End Times” author Bryan Walsh wrote in an op-ed in The New York Times, an eruption of this supervolcano “would be like nothing humanity has ever seen“ and be an “ultra-catastrophe” that “could lead to global devastation, even human extinction. … There will probably never be a year in which no one dies in an aviation accident, but there will definitely never be a year in which 10% of the global population dies in a single plane crash. Yet that could happen with a supervolcano.” Walsh wrote. As it’s located in America, we’d be the first to go.


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