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26 June, Wednesday

Conspiracy of Elvis Presley's death - he lived four year after 'he died'

Some die-hard fans believe Presley faked his own death and a recording of a man with a voice identical to him is further fuelling the infamous conspiracy theory

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A TAPE recording of a man claiming to be Elvis Presley — made four years AFTER his funeral — proves he faked his own death, conspiracy theorists claim.  

They claim the phone conversation featuring a man with voice eerily like the King of Rock n’ Roll himself who says he has been hiding on an island.

Elvis Presley died on August 16, 1977, aged 42 after a heart attack on the toilet.

But ever since he died there have been countless theories that he faked his own demise to escape the pressures of fame.

So far there has been no proof of Elvis faked his death and the tape purporting to be him is far from concrete proof.

Yet the recordings is set to further fuel one of the world’s most famous conspiracy theories.

In the tape the man — purporting to be Presley  — says he has also travelled all over the world in disguise, all the time fearing one day he would be exposed.

He says: “I realise that sooner or later it’s probably going to end.

“You know I hate to think it’s going to end, but I know sometimes the secret [of being alive] has got to be let out and if it hadn’t have been for getting involved in what I'm involved in now, things and such, maybe it’d be different.

“As far as appearing nationally, I think it would be silly to get back into something that’s taken me this long to get out of.”

In the call, said to be between Elvis and an unknown man in the United States, the King's hiding place is alluded to.

The voice says: People ask me all the time where I’m living, and naturally I can’t say, but it’s a good place to hide.

“There was an island that I learned about a long time ago and I guess I always knew some day I’d probably have to use it.

“Anyway, I must have spent a year on the island.

“I started travelling all over the world and it’s been enjoyable but it’s been a constant battle of growing beards and this and that to keep from being recognised.”

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Author Gail Brewer-Giorgio, who has dedicated her life to exploring the death hoax theory said: “I believe it is Elvis speaking.”

She claimed voice recognition expert L. H. Williams believes it could be Presley.

George Nichopoulos, the Memphis doctor known as Dr Nick, was blamed by millions of fans for Presley's untimely death because he dished out prescription drugs to the star.

Copious amounts of barbiturates the music legend had the unwelcome side-effect of increasing his already monstrous appetite.

It is thought in the days leading up to his death Elvis was gorging so much his colon ballooned to breaking point — leading to heart failure.

In January 2017 photograph emerged that conspiracy theorists believes shows he was alive and well aged 82.

The images of a bearded man, who some say is a dead ringer, show him in the grounds of the singer's Graceland home.

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