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15 January, Friday

"A new era begins for Aghdam now" - Azerbaijani President talked about restoration of Aghdam

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Azerbaijani President talked about restoration of Aghdam on his adress to nation on November 20, Eurasia Diary reports.

"A new era begins for Aghdam now. We have major plans. Everything in the occupied territories is destroyed. My visits to Fuzuli and Jabrayil were covered in the media, and everyone, the whole world could see what a savage enemy we are facing. There is not a single sound building left in Jabrayil or Fuzuli, only some military units and buildings belonging to the military units. All the remaining infrastructure, all buildings, houses, historical monuments, religious sites have been destroyed by the savage enemy.

I addressed the people of Azerbaijan from those ruins and said that we would restore these lands, these cities and these villages. The Armenians believed that the Azerbaijani people would never return to these lands after this devastation. They were wrong. They do not know that native lands live and will live forever in the hearts of the Azerbaijani people, in the heart of all our people. All our refugees lived with a desire to return to their native lands and build a new life for themselves with the support and assistance of the state.

We will also restore the city of Aghdam. Of course, we must do everything in a comprehensive manner. A master plan will be prepared, specialists will be involved, infrastructure projects will be implemented in a planned manner, office buildings, social facilities, roads and other necessary work will be carried out. The state will help citizens to return there. Therefore, the restoration of Aghdam district will have a special place in our future plans because it is a large district in terms of territory and, at the same time, as I said, it is the largest district in terms of population."

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