"Azerbaijan is a great gateway to get acquainted with the countries of Central Asia" "Al-Jazeera" official

"The nature of Azerbaijan is very rich and beautiful. I am very happy to be here."

Ahmed Mahfouz, executive director of the "Al-Jazeera Documentaries" department said this to Ednews.

He noted that he is in Azerbaijan, which is a beautiful land of God.

"Now we are among the greenery of the mountains and clouds. I have traveled many countries. After seeing the beauties of Azerbaijan with my own eyes, the questions in my mind found their answers. Azerbaijan is one of the most beautiful and developed countries. I am not saying this because I am a guest here. I say because it is really beautiful. I also highly appreciate this beauty."
The director stressed that Azerbaijan is a great gateway to get acquainted with the countries of Central Asia.

"Also, Azerbaijan is one of the main places for making documentary films in Central Asia. We are visiting Azerbaijan today. We hope to travel to other Central Asian countries. It is true that we have made films about Central Asian countries. We try to get to know the historical paths, culture, reality, society and current political problems of the countries of the region more closely. We have not come here to analyze the political situation, but rather to explore culture and history. Politics change but culture remains. Greetings to everyone from the beautiful land of Azerbaijan."