The leader of IEPF and "Al-Jazeera Documentary Films" department met with Farid Jafarov

As Ednews reported that Ahmed Mahfouz, Managing Director of Al Jazeera Documentary, one of the main affiliates of the Al Jazeera Media Network, and Adel Ksiksi, Manager of Planning & Scheduling visited Azerbaijan at the invitation of the International Eurasia Press Fund.
Ednews informs that representatives of Al Jazeera held a business meeting with Deputy Minister of Culture Farid Jafarov.
IEPF president Umud Mirzayev also participated in the meeting. Speaking about the activities of the Al Jazeera Documentary Film channel, Ahmed Mahfouz drew attention to its successes in the international arena and its many important achievements. During the negotiations, against the background of the development of future cooperation, Azerbaijan's hosting of international film festivals and the initiative to prepare promotional films about its rich history, culture, beautiful corners, and mysterious nature, as well as human stories related to the global mine problem, were also discussed. The issue of organizing trainings for filmmakers was discussed.