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7 August, Friday

Russia must remain presidential republic, people will support this

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Measures to enhance the role of parliament in Russia will not contradict the idea that Russia should remain a presidential republic, President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with members of the working group commissioned to draft proposals for amendments to the Constitution, Eurasia Diary reports citing Tass News.

He recalled that the amendments to the fundamental law he initiated in his Address to the Federal Assembly would enhance the responsibility of the parliament and government.

"I am certain that many of those present will agree, and so will an overwhelming majority of Russian citizens, that Russia at the same time will remain a presidential republic, that the president should retain major powers, such as the right to dismiss lawbreakers, those who display negligence in performing their duties and in connection with the loss of trust," Putin said.

He claimed that otherwise the country would drift towards a parliamentary republic, "which today would be a major test for Russia with an unclear outcome."

According to the president, the planned constitutional amendments are aimed at enhancing the rule of law in Russia and strengthening the role of political parties and civil society. Putin pointed out that the Constitution’s core principles would not be affected.

"The amendments proposed yesterday won’t affect the Constitution’s core principles. They are aimed at boosting the rule of law and welfare in Russia and improving the effectiveness of state institutions, as well as at strengthening the role of civil society, political parties and the country’s regions in making decisions that are important to our country," the head of state pointed out.

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