N. Korean leader's sister slams UNSC meeting

The powerful sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has slammed the United Nations Security Council for holding a meeting on its recent satellite launch, denouncing it as an insult to and serious distortion of the spirit of the UN Charter.
Ednews reports that in a statement published by the North's Official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on Sunday, Kim Yo-jong stated that she is extremely offended that the UNSC regularly takes issue with North Korea's exercise of sovereign rights in the manner that the United States desires.
Kim said that Pyeongyang strongly condemns and rejects the UNSC’s move as the most unfair and prejudiced act of interfering in internal affairs and infringing on the North’s sovereignty.
She added that North Korea will never acknowledge UN sanctions resolutions, even if they slap them a hundred thousand times, pledging to continue exercising its sovereign rights, including launching spy satellites.