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25 May, Saturday

The hope of Italian women

The current government has put Italy on the fast track to the past -- but women are fighting to bring it to a halt.

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These days, not a week goes by without women flooding the streets and squares of Italian cities, systematically responding to every attack on their rights, which are the rights of all.

Protesters holding signs with slogans like "You want handmaids, you will have rebels" have already brought results.

It is thanks to this kind of mobilization that Rome and Milan have been able to deflect the risk of new legislation similar to the one recently passed in Verona, which supports Catholic anti-abortion associations.

The battle is raging on two fronts. The first one, familiar by now, is the right to abortion, which is continually challenged with reckless invocations of conscientious objection and all other sorts of hindrances. The second and lesser-known front is the right to divorce -- currently threatened by the so-called Pillon bill, which radically changes the current legislation on child custody, effectively hindering divorce and putting women and children at risk in cases of domestic violence.

The fight for women's rights is currently the only civil society movement in Italy that is truly capable of mobilizing tens of thousands of people.

Cinzia Sciuto

News Maven

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