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30 October, Friday

"Within 6 months for preventing provocations it needs..." - Georgian experts made proposals on "Keshikchidag"

Georgian political analysts Gela Vasadze and Ghia Abashidze shared their views on the incident in Keshikchidag or David Gareja monastery complex

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The tension in Keshikchidag or David Gareja monastery complex between Azerbaijan and Georgia flared up again by the incidents happened in the border. The video shows that Georgian demonstrators took off the weapon of the Azerbaijani border guard. In another case, Georgian side claims that icons in the monastery complex has been stolen. These two cases led the tensions to flamed again.

Georgian political commentator Gela Vasadze told Eurasia Diary for the understanding of the problem between two sides.

He thinks that both events were made by provocateurs. The video cameras can be installed inside the monastery complex which it can prevent such cases, Vasadze considers.

"It is an unpleasant event, it is needed to be calm down, but I don't think that this case can change the relations between our countries."

"For not giving an opportunity to provocateurs, both sides should agree to declare a moratorium on any actions in this zone for at least six months," Vasadze explains the solution ways.

Georgian Foreign Ministry issued a statement today that such incidents don't fit our relationship. That is why we believe that the meetings of expert groups and Delimitation Commissions should proceed, and the Georgian part is ready for this process.

Vasadze excludes the case of apologies by Georgian government because of the nationalist groups inside.

"If the Georgian Government attempts to apologize Azerbaijan for the incidents, nationalist groups will cry that they are traitors and sold Georiga."

The political analyst doesn't exclude the case of third powers. When we speak about the third power, we thinks different and Azerbaijanis think different sides.

Gela Vasadze thinks that all the responsibilities lay upon the governments of both sides and the ordinary citizens who should carefully relate to our relations.


Georgian political analyst Ghia Abashidze thinks that the problem will happen again unless the sides do start real work at the table on all levels – diplomatic and experts-historians.

"As far as I know a lot has been done behind the closing scene on the governmental level of Georgia and Azerbaijan. Now it is the utmost time for real negotiating actions at the table."

Abashidze thinks that more processes needed to push out provocateurs who jeopardize Georgia-Azerbaijani strategic partnership and friendship.

"We have excellent bilateral relations in all fields and tiny provocations carried out from any side with an aim to imperil Georgian-Azerbaijani relationship is totally unacceptable for the peoples of these two brotherly countries," Ghia Abashidze concluded.


Interviewd by Ulvi Ahmedli

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