British journalist - "OMICRON is a tool that explains endless story of the pandemic" -

18 January, Tuesday

British journalist - "OMICRON is a tool that explains endless story of the pandemic"

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The Coronavirus pandemic, which has shaken the world with its deadly effects, continues its nightmare with its dangerous mutations. Although the Delta strain first sounded the alarm in many countries, it did not last long.

In recent days, a new strain of the Covid virus infection, called Omicron, has created a strong fear, especially in the West and the African countries. Although cases of infection have been reported, the fatalities are not widespread yet. Nevertheless, the United States and the western part of Europe have taken strong measures against the new type of disease.

The threat of Omicron's proliferation has led to the closing of borders and even the introduction of a strict quarantine regime in many countries, including Israel, the United States and the European Union. For example, the third and fourth stages of vaccination are being implemented in several US states. Some scientific laboratories, which consider the effect of the vaccine insufficient, recommend even a fourth vaccination to protect against the impending danger of Omicron. Interestingly, science is still unsure to what extent a vaccine made from the virus itself can protect people from this scourge. Such a masterpiece in science and technology has led to the emergence of different variants among the scientific and medical institutes of the West. It also accelerates the sceptical approach because people do not get a concrete result.

For example, in the last two weeks there have been strong protests in Austria, the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States over the new bans. People, especially young children, strongly objected to high-dose vaccinations. This was due to the fact that science was not sure about the decision. On the other hand, new pandemics and bans showed once again that the people could not stand it in the face of the tense economic situation.

British journalist Neil Watson told about the global impact of Omicron, which continues to spread fear in the world.

"According to viral experts, Omicron is rapidly becoming the dominant strain of Covid in South Africa and is now being detected in the US, UAE and South Korea, and over 20 other countries. The fact is that many developed countries with high rates of vaccination, including the UK, have begun to view the COVID issue as belonging to the past and life has returned to semblance of normality. The emergence of the Omicron variant, which will no doubt soon be detected in every country, is being regarded with concern, as its characteristics, including the protection afforded by current vaccines, is unknown. Currently we are seeing travel restrictions being implemented and stronger quarantine regimes being introduced in many countries. In the UK, the government is recruiting the army and retired healthcare professionals to undertake booster vaccinations, as many people’s vaccinations occurred six months ago or more, after which their level of antibodies reduces. It is thought that the booster provides some protection against this new variant, although Pfizer and Astra are working to produce varieties of existing vaccines that are designed to combat Omicron. Obviously the concern is that the world will go into lockdown again, with all its associated economic and humanitarian impacts, but my sense is that this will be unnecessary and governments are reluctant to take this course of action."

Journalist Watson also commented on the growing scepticism about the vaccine in the Western world, as well as the appropriateness of its use in young children.

"I believe that there is a high degree of scepticism amongst the general public over the virus and the vaccination regimes, with the potential vaccination of children being regarded as inherently cruel. There have been so many vaccines, new variants of COVID, so many changes in prevention policy and is such a variety of government approaches that people are very confused and are unsure exactly what to believe. I believe the general consensus is that the  reports on Omicron are all designed to eliminate complacency and to prove that the COVID pandemic is definitely not at an end, that the public should take precautions and accept their booster vaccinations when offered."

Neil Watson also spoke about the impact of the Omicron option on future economic and social processes.

"Omicron is certainly not the end of the COVID story. Just like all viruses, COVID will continually modify and the world will have to live with it for the long term. However, it is important that viral experts are able to identify the characteristics of new strains very quickly and that governments collaborate to reduce the humanitarian and economic impacts so the world never needs to enter complete lockdown ever again."

Elnur Enveroglu 



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