Is Germany betraying Ukraine? - "If the West had woken up in time, the war would have ended long ago" -

2 October,

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Is Germany betraying Ukraine? - "If the West had woken up in time, the war would have ended long ago"

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The Russian invasion has brought Ukraine face to face with its European ally. Germany, which has not yet fully stated its position, refused to help Ukraine with some military supply.

Thus, the Ukrainian ambassador to Berlin Andrei Melnik called Germany's policy on arms supplies to the country a disgrace.

The ambassador noted that during the 102-day war of aggression, Germany refused to give even old Leopard 1 tanks and Marder (infantry fighting vehicle) to Ukraine.

Speaking to Ednews, Ukrainian political expert Vadim Trukhan spoke about the reasons behind Germany's position.

Ümidlər praktiki olaraq qalmayıb

In addition, both the parties forming a coalition with the SDP in Germany and the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), the main opposition political force, are in favour of providing Ukraine with all necessary military equipment in the fight against Russian aggression and the entire civilized world. Chancellor Olaf Scholz cannot ignore the position of his allies, and even more so his political rivals. Because by doing so, he would be risking his seat and his political career in general. By the way, his meeting with the speaker of the Ukrainian parliament Ruslan Stefanchuk in Berlin a few days ago was quite encouraging. There are hopes that Germany's position will change significantly soon, and this is justified."

Vadim Trukhan also touched on the West's cold-blooded approach to the problem of Ukraine in the early stages of the war and the support provided by the allies. The expert answered the question of "would the war have ended sooner if Europe and the West had supported Ukraine more closely?" as follows:

Ukraine was able to withstand the occupation of "the world's second most powerful army" in the first weeks without any help from the West. However, no one believed that Ukraine could stand up bravely. The Ukrainian people were able to unite around their president and armed forces and withdraw the Russians from Kyiv, Chernigov and Sumy regions. The capture of Kharkov was inaccessible to the Russians, and they did not even dare to send troops to Odessa. The West has finally woken up as it witnessed the bravery of the Ukrainians in the face of the occupiers. First of all, our closest partners, Poland, Great Britain, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and then the rest of the EU and NATO, as well as other partners, gradually began to support us. The first to help us was Japan, which has provided us with arms and ammunition, as well as $ 750 million in humanitarian aid since World War II. Turkiye, which is trying to maintain relations with Russia, has also backed Ukraine by providing Bayraktar TB2, helmets, armor and other weapons. Last week, the Turks took an unprecedented step towards the Ukrainians. So, having been impressed by the $ 6 million donation collected in Lithuania for Ukraine by people from all over the world, Turkiye decided to donate several Bayraktar TB2 UAVs. As a result, Ukraine will be able to buy the same drone, ammunition and other weapons for $6 million. The role of the United States should be especially noted here. Even military experts say that the $25 million in US military aid is undeniable for Ukrainians.

In general, it took a long time for the West to start really supporting Ukraine. If Western support had begun before February, Putin would not have been able to attack Ukraine. We are satisfied with what we have now. Ukraine is confident of victory. I think that in such a situation, the more military assistance the partner countries give us, the sooner the victory will come.

The expert also spoke about the Ramstein 2 air force event dedicated to arming Ukraine to stop the occupation. He said it was important for Azerbaijan, a close partner, to take part in such an event.

The last meeting of the Ramstein-2 contact group was attended by defence ministers from 47 countries, from Europe to Australia and Latin America. I think that the third meeting of the coalition, which is scheduled for June 15 in Brussels, will bring together high-level representatives from more countries. I would like Azerbaijan to join this coalition. Because Ukraine and Azerbaijan are strategic partners, in many respects have common national interests and common historical backrounds.

By Elnur Enveroglu


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