Heydar Aliyev: A Larger than life character

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Ednews present the article by Dr. Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan.

Right from the beginning, Heydar Aliyev laid down the foundations of a stable, sustainable and supreme Azerbaijan through meaningful and interactive socio-politico policies as well as constant and continued structural economic reforms.

Obviously, all socio-economic-politico achievements of modern Azerbaijan are directly correlated with the charismatic personality of Heydar Aliyev.

He has been rated as pioneer of numerous disciplines of modern world i.e. good & corporate governance (even before Switzerland, Norway, Sweden), applied political economy ( the rest of the West), befitting geo-politics, geo-economics (USA, UK, Italy, France, Germany etc.), free market economy, economic liberalization (far before even to UK, USA, Germany), economic competitiveness (far before the World Economic Forum), human capital development (Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia), strategic marketing (surpassed all European countries), strategic communication, anti-corruption module (Denmark, China, and the entire West) and last but not leas anti-warming in South Caucasus, Central Asia, Middle East and beyond.

Obviously, his Program of privatization of the national property in the Republic of Azerbaijan in 1995-1998 stimulated national agriculture and started active role of private sector in the country.  Thus discarding of feudality and introduction of meaningful land reforms revolutionized between the state, society and further strengthened the system.

His holistic and comprehensive socio-economic policies turned miseries into opportunities and potentials into tarns-regional partnerships and geographical comparative advantage into start of geo-economics in the region enabling him to transform its shaken economy, shattered society and subdued political system in the country.

Simply, Heydar was the real champion of economic diplomacy, political reconciliation, good governance, peaceful conflict resolution, and pioneer of politicization and democratization not in the South Caucasus, Central Asia, Middle East, MENA, Africa and the whole Muslim world.

He successfully converted impediments of geography, geology, and geo-politics into geo-economics which is indeed commendable. He remained staunch supporter of dialogue, diplomacy and development. Signing of Contract of Century was the vivid reflection of his strategic vision, pragmatic foreign policy and insight of Realpolitik of international relations.

It completely changed the economic outlook of the country. It was a giant step towards internationalization of Azerbaijan’s economy and started the real economic globalization. It was the real start of the today’s concepts of economic corridor, multiculturalism, openness and modernization. He was the pioneer of Concept of Energy Security in the region and beyond.

Actually it started a new of new chapter of socio-economic prosperity, Consolidation of state independence of Azerbaijan, Beginning of inflows of FDIs (At the moment more than 250 foreign-invested enterprises representing 75 states function in industry field, thousands of workplaces have been opened. 74 percent of investments made in national economy in 2003 was directed just to the industrial fields.

It was indeed Start of joint ventures ('open door' policy that was founded by nationwide leader and is implemented at the present day, number of foreign and joint ventures increased 3 times during these years. It instrumented in the transfer of technologies.

He saved his country from political isolation, internal disintegration, severer ethnicity, external aggression and above all severer economic starvation and achieved highest levels of political stability and sustained growth patterns in a very short span of time.  

The comparative study of its stable socio-economic performance shows that the GDP growth reached 1.3 percent in 1996, 5.8 percent in 1997, and averaged 10 percent during 1998-2003. During (2004-2011) country`s real GDP grew by three times.

Initially, political, moral and psychological tension, social decline, cultural depression and moral erosion were rampant in Azerbaijan. There was military conflict, Severer Economic Recession and Declining Production. The country was entangled into Dirty Power Politics, Incompetence of the political administration Chaos and Anarchy.
However, Heydar Aliyev’s Initial Consolidation (1993-1996) Successfully restored of Law and Order, covered  Socio-Economic Development, Stopped the War, Put an end to Civil Confrontation and Disarmed Illegal Armed Groups.
Heydar Aliyev’s Unique Economic Model  
Azerbaijan has achieved an immense social development. It has successfully transformed oil capital into a human capital. It initiated diversified but integrated policy measures to further improve the education system due to which it has now achieved a knowledge based economy. Its state education program is now rated among the best in the world
He achieved miraculous socio-economic development by initiating and implementing series of short as well as long terms socio-economic reforms in the different spheres of economy, civic and production channels. He turned poverty into production, inflation into international cooperation, unemployment into massive generation of job creation and above all decline of socio-economic development into robust socio-economic growth which was rapid and sustained too.
When elected the President of Azerbaijan in 1993, there was 20-23 percent decline in the GDP of the country. As a result of the urgent steps taken under Heydar Aliyev`s leadership, the economy overcame the recession and a breakthrough began in 1994-1995. The recession was prevented and revival started since 1996. Economic reforms provided the improvement of financial situation in the country and there was an increase in the state budget each year.
Under the leadership of incumbent president Ilham Aliey (20 years), the GDP of the non-oil sector has grown 3.4 times showing success of diversification of macro-economy.
Azerbaijan's foreign exchange reserves have grown more than 47 times exceeding $66 billion, and are currently 10 times greater than our direct external debt reflecting export orientation of its national economy.
Azerbaijan has either built or repaired 1,400 km of railways,
Since 2003, about 20,000 kilometers of roads and 1,400 kilometers of railways have been built or overhauled in Azerbaijan which upholds immense infrastructure development under the leadership of Ilham.
71 new power plants with a total capacity of 4,000 MW have been commissioned in the republic. Currently, there are 93 power plants in the country with a total capacity of 8,000 MW which projects his integrated policies of energy production and diversification.
More than 2.5 million new jobs have been generated in the country enabling to reduce poverty. Its GDP estimation is 6.3 percent which is the highest in South Caucasus.
I am proud of that I am Azerbaijani" Let us bow our heads before his unforgettable memory”

It should be noted that an international conference was held today in Baku in the name of " Heydar Aliyev and Economy of Azerbaijan"

Ombudsman of Azerbaijan visits Khojaly on occasion of genocide anniversary - VIDEO

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