Miraculous Indonesia and Associated Policies for Pakistan - ANALYSIS

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Ednews reprints the article "Miraculous Indonesia and Associated Policies for Pakistan" by Zulkafil Hassan Khan, Director of Pakistan-China Corridor of Knowledge and the president of The Society of International Relations & Law, TILS 

"Many renowned experts of sociology and anthropology judge human races on the basis of traits of survival, diversity, harmony, mercy, and compassion. The basic traits of humanity differ among different communities, regions, and countries. Similarly, The Republic of Indonesia has certain traits that have aided in creating a national DNA that is pertinent in its exceptional economic growth, social harmony, ethnic diversity, political stability, governance and last but not least, social justice which depicts its special DNA value.

Indonesia is nothing short of an economic miracle which has been achieving high ratios of GDP for so many years. Being a diverse archipelago nation of more than 300 ethnic groups, it has become the largest economy in Southeast Asia and has charted impressive economic growth since overcoming the Asian financial crisis of the late 1990s. This economic growth is attributed to the Economic diversification that Indonesia has obtained through green economy, renewable energy development, Islamic banking etc. 

Moreover, there has been constant implementation of numerous structural economic reforms, ideal combination of public-private partnership, nurturing of private sector, rapid growth of SMEs and seeking of more and more inflows of FDIs have been cornerstone of its major economic planning in the country.

Despite having unfavorable weather conditions and harsh socio-economic conflicting realities the policy makers did not bow before impassable nature and succeeded to devise a comprehensive economic policy and complete transformation process which ultimately geared up its macro-economy and all its associated sectors. 

Although fault lines still persist, Vision 2045 is plugging all flaws and it is seemingly on the right path of further diversification, smarter economy, living, production, energy resources and even financial mobilization. The policy makers of Pakistan should adopt the exceptional economic model of Indonesia including policies of economic diversification and structural economic reforms under the current SIFC Model.

The policy makers have gradually diminished political interference, elite priority and wish list of cartels in economic affairs and focused on equal distribution of resources among the different sectors and segments of society. They snubbed spirits of personal gains over national interests and prioritized national projects and promoted a culture of balanced economic development in all provinces of the country which reduced the gap between urban and rural income, comfort, luxury and facilities has been on the decline. 

The policy makers of Pakistan may take guidelines from Indonesia which surpassed all kinds of problems and did not compromise on economic self-reliance, commercial diplomacy and budgetary parameters. Moreover, Pakistan should remove the influence and interference of various mafias in the economy on priority basis to further ensure gradual economic growth and economic stability.

Furthermore, the special model of conflict resolution is the crucial X-factor in the DNA of Indonesia. It seems that conflict resolution is in its DNA/blood and genetically they do not have inclination towards violence, vendetta and vicious spirits and prefer dialogue over destruction, diplomacy over disengagement, compromise over conflict, compassion over contradiction and consensus over conspiracy.

Unfortunately, in the past national history of Indonesia was confronted with lots of controversies and contaminations but thanks to its inbuilt spirits of conflict resolution, they have achieved wonders of peace, harmony, stability and successfully controlled all kinds of anti-social, anti-communal, anti-political and even anti-economic tendencies in the country. 

The policy makers of Pakistan should replicate the Indonesian model of conflict resolution to resolve the issues of regionalism, provincialism, sectarianism and ethnic divide in the country. The conflict resolution model is imperative for Pakistan, considering the current political scenario and should try resolving the political differences through dialogue and reconciliation rather than political score settling.

Furthermore, Indonesia has a holistic model of friendly good governance which vividly reflects its superior DNA and capacity to govern through community development by eradicating Italian chains of corruption, misuse of authority and personal gains. The policy makers of Indonesia have developed a holistic model of governance which supports total transparency, accountability, checks & balances, and separation of powers in the country.

The State has been acting as a merchant of dreams to the public which have now come true. Service, submission and sacrifice has been the 3S policy of the Indonesian government in terms of good governance. The people and authorities of Pakistan should study the Indonesian pragmatic model of good governance to spread some kind of relief, comfort, and last but not least easy and smooth orientation among the people. 

Like other countries in the region, Indonesia has been facing many serious issues in its national politics since its inception. But it succeeded to cap all kinds of political regressions, instabilities, imperfections, inflexibilities and impurities through grand political transformations, accommodations, convergences and last but not least, sensible maneuverings.

Its journey from authoritarian to people’s democracy remained amazing as there was no blood shed and political obsession of power and concentration of more power was gradually transmitted and translated into ranks of real owners of the country, the common people through universal right of vote and respect was given to the popular sovereignty.

Growth of political parties, respect for opposition, protection of human rights, and formation of NGOs and above all institutionalization of various spells of real politicization and democratization drive was turned political opponent into partners in governance. Political jealousy was shifted to joint ventures of public service. Similarly, Pakistani political parties and stakeholders should join hands to ensure relief being provided to the public.

Despite being Islamic country, Indonesia has been supporting women empowerment in the country which is now paying its socio-economic dividends. Women are playing a vital role in its economic growth, poverty eradication and its national drive to shake the clutches of social taboos and seas of ignorance. 

Indonesian special DNA purposefully promotes spirits of gender equality, equal educational opportunities, equality in employment and women empowerment through the initiation of various policies, programs and projects to put brakes on scapegoating women on the pleas of societal differentiations, biological indifferences and so-called rituals and misperceptions of religion. Similarly, the decision makers of Pakistan should learn from Indonesian women empowerment and chalk out a suitable and befitting proposition for our own society and shun the undue tendency of mediocrity and malpractices towards womanhood.

To conclude, the road towards greater socio-economic prosperity, personal dignity, political stability, harmony and last but not least, diversity heavily rests on proper DNA and genetic sciences to change the human inner chemistry and engineering to pursue its dreams through peaceful means not ugly provocations, through legitimate ways not illicit bargains, through honesty not horrendous crimes against humanity, through social justice not seductions and seditions.

There is no short-cut for economic transformation and political maturity to protect true national security but superior human traits and inbuilt DNA features may accelerate the process of decency, development and diplomacy in our society which has become barren to realize the importance of wisdom, knowledge, diversity and conflict resolution. Thus Indonesian superior DNA must be examined to create some pleasant values."

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