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26 May, Thursday

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"We spent a night outside till 20 January morning" - Umud Mirzayev

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Despite the fact that 32 years have passed since the January 20 tragedy, our people remember that terrible night very clearly. Although every year tkes us away from those dark days, the tragedy of January 20 is still fresh in our minds. The bloody memory, passed down from generation to generation, leaves a deep mark on the minds of millions. It is as if, as time goes on, people's tongues are opened, memories are renewed, and events begin to come to life more clearly. I remember that day was a terrible date. Everyone in Azerbaijan was very anxious. Uninterrupted rallies were held in Baku. We also took part in those rallies.

Tracking events ...

Moments that leave a deep mark on the memory ...

What was happening that night? ...

On the night of January 19-20, 1990, we went to the balcony of our house on Ajami Nakhchivani Street to the sound of bullets. When I looked from the balcony, I could see the blazing bullets in the darkness of the night, as if the sun had risen. We immediately left the house and moved in with our neighbours in the direction of more gunfire.

I remember that together with our late intellectuals Isa Ismayilzade, Aydin Salimzade, Nadir Jabbarov, we began to move towards the square on January 20. Of course, the scene was terrible. The city was full of people, and they were running around the streets. Moans could be heard. The Republican Clinical Hospital, located on January 20, was so crowded that the injection site would not fit. Hospital cars were not interrupted. Corpses and a large number of wounded were brought in cars. All this was not a scene that could be expressed in words and language.

The people of Azerbaijan were killed by bullets fired by the Soviet Army, which is described in the poems taught in our secondary schools as a saviour army. This was a time when the hopes of the Azerbaijani people for the Soviet state were dashed.

On the morning of January 20, we found ourselves in the street stained with blood ...

On the morning of January 20, we found ourselves in the blood-stained streets. There was a large crowd in the square on January 20. People were leaving their homes and flocking to the streets. Everyone cursed the Soviet army as one person.

THE MAIN CAUSE leading to the January 20 tragedy ...

At that time, the countries that ruled the world were aware that Azerbaijan, as an oil country, was located in an attractive place. It was not desirable for such a rich country to secede from the Soviet Union. On the other hand, the Armenian lobby was very active at that time. At the time of Azerbaijan's secession from the Soviet Union, they wanted to seize as much of our country as possible. Thankfully, the dreams of those who wanted it did not come true. Even on social media today, it is clear that they are frustrated and blame each other.

The criminals who remain unpunished ...

Mikhail Gorbachev, the first secretary of the Central Committee of the USSR Communist Party, the biggest cause of the January 20 tragedy, was remembered for massacring civilians. During the October 15, 1990 massacres, Gorbachev was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

It is unfortunate that neither Gorbachev nor any of the accused have been punished yet.

Our way to victory, our joy of victory ...

It is a pity that Azerbaijan faced great tragedies before and after January 20. And finally, our inseparable part, Karabakh, also achieved a great victory. The past and present political course of our country has changed.

During the First Karabakh War, there were big gaps in the governance of Azerbaijan: ambguity, biased and red tape politicians, etc. Such internal massacres have created an opportunity for our enemies to inflict disasters on us. In addition to losing part of our lands in the first Karabakh war, we lost many martyrs.

But one day Azerbaijan won its war of rights, and we tasted the sweetness of victory on our way to our 30-year longing. Azerbaijan has formed a victorious army by shaping itself, its army, its administration and its economy. It was unimaginable that our country, under the leadership of Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev and the strength of our victorious army, would make a glorious victory with a minimum number of losses in just 44 days. Despite the fact that the positions in strategically high areas, protected by solid concrete, were in the hands of the enemy, the Azerbaijani army overcame all obstacles and achieved a great victory. I believe that with this great success and victory, the souls of all our martyrs are happy, both on January 20 and in Khojaly, and even on March 31.

We have 30 years of longing, sorrow and rights in this victory!


Umud Mirzayev

President of International Eurasia Press Fund


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