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30 October, Friday

Amal holiday of Kazakhstan will be granted an international status

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Amal holiday, which is traditionally celebrated in Mangystau region annually on March 14, will be granted an international status.

The region will hold a big event this year to celebrate the holiday with performances by artists from Mangystau, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Turkey and Uzbekistan.

The festivities, which will showcase the history of nomads and the nomads’ lifestyle and traditions, will be held in Aktau, Akshukur village and the Otpan Mountain area.

Senior staff of the Mangystau Historical and Cultural Reserve, Bekbolat Tolegenuly said Amal is considered as a folk holiday and the upcoming event will serve as an open air museum for ethnographers, historians and archeologists.

“Our visitors should definitely witness the celebrations of the true Kazakh traditions and customs,” he said. Meanwhile, Head of Culture Department of the Mangystau region Paniya Sarmurzina said there are 40 yurts that are built for the event.

There will also be a republican crafts fair she said where traditional items will be sold. “Visitors of the celebration will be involved in the festivities and will also watch the traditional competitions,” she added.

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