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10 December, Saturday

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Türkiye’s water scurity policy: energy, agriculture, and transboundary issues

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Water security refers to the availability of adequate quantities and qualities of water for societal needs and resilient ecosystems in the context of current conditions and future global change. Achieving water security is directly linked to food and energy security, protecting and preserving ecosystems, and addressing key vulnerabilities and risks from climate change. Good water governance –including transboundary cooperation– is a critical feature of any effort to achieve water security. Yet the concept of water security remains abstract and broad. In an attempt to make the concept of water security-relevant in practice, this paper delineates Türkiye’s water security policy and practices through institutional and cross-sectoral (energy and food) analysis. Specific attention is paid to Türkiye’s transboundary water security policies.

One of the most pressing issues of the 21st century is the management and allocation of limited freshwater resources as they become more and more scarce globally. Water resources are essential for satisfying basic human needs, promoting social and economic development, and conserving ecosystems. Water crises occurring at various levels (local, national, global) are the result of a rapidly growing population, changing levels of economic development, poor water management, and allocation practices, unfair access to and inequitable distribution of already scarce surface and groundwater resources and the burgeoning impacts of climate change. Hence, for many countries, ‘water security’ has become a key policy concept in developing sustainable use policies and managing water resources. 

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