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15 June, Tuesday

Turkish health expert recommends gradual lifting of lockdown

Gradual normalization must for 17-day lockdown to be effective, says Dr. Mehmet Ceyhan

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A top public health expert in Turkey on Saturday stressed the need to gradually lift COVID-19 restrictions after May 17, when the total lockdown ends.
Dr. Mehmet Ceyhan, head of the Ankara-based Infectious Diseases Association, told Anadolu Agency that the 17-day lockdown is a restrictive measure rather than a permanent one.
Ceyhan, who is also the head of Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at Hacettepe University's Faculty of Medicine, said if the lockdown is not eased gradually, people would begin intercity travel, thus further spreading the virus.
He said that a drop in the number of coronavirus cases is apparent with the restrictions.
Ceyhan said that "even if you do not take any precautions during outbreaks, do not vaccinate at all, and apply no restrictions, this wave does not go straight up. From time to time, the virus encounters obstacles."
"...The third wave is now over in all countries in the world except India," he added.
Ceyhan urged people in Turkey continue following social-distancing rules and preventive measures after the lockdown ends.
"In order for this to have a permanent effect, gradual normalization is absolutely necessary. Patiently, you should lift a restriction first, then wait for a week or two..."
About the reopening of schools, he said the mutant virus is transmitted especially from children and so such a move could spell trouble.

Anadolu Agency

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