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21 July,

Rare Asiatic Black Bear spotted in Demilitarised Zone

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A rare Asiatic black bear has been spotted in the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ), South Korea's government says.

It was captured on video in the eastern part of the zone that divides North and South Korea.

The Asiatic black bear is classified as endangered by the World Wildlife Fund.

The DMZ has become a haven for plants and wildlife with South Korea's government predicting there are over 100 endangered species that call the area home.

A ministry official told Yonhap news: "It is believed that the photographed bear, about eight to nine months old and weighing about 25 to 35 kilograms, is a descendant of the Asiatic black bears who inhabited the DMZ region for quite a long time."

South Korean soldiers had reported seeing bears in the past however there was not any photographic evidence.

The cameras were installed by South Korea's National Institute of Technology.


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