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20 June, Thursday

On the threshold of the global contradictions: G20 - Interview by Evgeniy Mikhailov - EXCLUSIVE

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Today is a G20 Summit in Argentine which world's political heavyweights gather and discuss global problems.  The summit assumes great importance in terms of the dialogue among world leading states.

Eurasia Diary takes an interview by Mr. Yevgeniy Mikhailov for the analysis of the summit. Evgeny Mikhailov is an independent journalist of Youtube-channel "Analytics of the South of Russia", winner of the Prize of the Union of Journalists of Russia, an expert on interethnic conflicts.

How do you evaluate G20 Summit?

Summit G 20 is perhaps the most important political event of the outgoing year against the background of increased contradictions among the global actors. There should be expected either the most important cardinal shifts of political vector between the most powerful economic countries, or the aggravation of the already massive contradictions between the leaders of the largest economies.

What is your expectation from Xi and Trump meeting? Will they be able to reach a trade deal?

Regarding the upcoming meeting between US President Donald Trump and the leader of People's Republic of China Xi Jinping, it may become the starting point in the final formation of the rivalry between the US and China for the global influence. I have doubts that China will give way to the requirements of Donald Trump in terms of mutual trade. I believe that the trade war between these two major economies of the world will only get worse, which eventually can lead to a local military conflict, at least in the Pacific region.

Will Trump meet with Putin? What do you think how much is positive result real for Kerch tension?

It is difficult to predict whether there will be an official meeting between Trump and Vladimir Putin. At least, a short conversation will definitely happen. The existing contradictions and extensive anti-Russian rhetoric deployed against Russia by the American establishment does not contribute to the improvement of relations between our countries. Even if we assume that Trump really wants to establish some ways that can improve the negative relations between Moscow and Washington, then he will not be allowed to do this. And I have no illusions about this. However, I dare to suggest that, the United States will ultimately have no choice but to find compromises and reckon with the growing power of Russia and with the political influence of President Vladimir Putin.

Regarding the events in the Kerch Strait, there should not be expected any apologies and concessions from Moscow. A provocation held by the Ukrainian Navy and Ukraine itself, caused Russian side responded in accordance with international law. In my opinion, this whole situation is a matter of internal affair of Ukraine and Russia. In this particular situation, it is in vain to hope that the G 20 summit is the platform where this conflict will be seriously discussed and condemned. Russia will not give up its position in favor of the regime in Kiev, which provoked the situation in order to let the President of Ukraine Poroshenko  stay in power.

World leaders will discuss the conflicts in the Middle East? Will they come to some solutions?

The issues of the Middle East, undoubtedly this topic will be discussed quite vigorously, but we should not forget that the conflict in the region is primarily advantageous to the United States, and in my opinion there will be no major decisions for the peace to be established.

Interviewed by Lanita Ganbarova and Ulvi Ahmedli

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