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21 June, Friday

Paris riots: Worst in 50 years - Interview by Christian Zarm

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The civil unrest in Paris shook the European agenda. Several people started to protest fuel tax law by Macron government.

Hundreds of thousands of people wore yellow vests and joined the demonstrations. These riots in Paris are considered the worst revolts in 50 years. Eurasia Diary focused on the riots and took an interview by Christian Zarm the head of German Journalists Cooperative.

Who are yellow vests? Why are they so aggressive?

The Yellow Vests are a decentralized protest of citizens against the latest announcement of rising taxes and fees on gas and diesel. The protests show the difficulty of normal citizens to consist their lives under a government that rise taxes and fees, even for daily needed objects. Anyhow the majority of the protesters are peaceful. Obviously, a minority of very left and/or right winged violent offenders use the protests for their own agenda.

How riots affect to Macron reputation in society and world?

I do not think that protests that are partially violent will affect the reputation of Macron in society and the world. Protests in France very often have tough backing.

What can be a solution to the riot?

 From the point of view by the state: the implement the applicable laws.

Interviewed by Ulvi Ahmedli

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